Chapter 01: Believe
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End Chapter 00

Thank you so much for your patience. I’m feeling much better now after suffering from being ill and a bad case of burn out. It happens, but now I’m on my feet again, so to speak.

Excellent! We have reached the end of the intro chapter! I’m so happy I finished it and I’ve learned so much during this whole chapter. Ways to improve, story pacing, ┬ápreparing properly beforehand, quality over quantity and sticking to the original idea I had about eight years ago. So as I’ve been saying, things will get better as we move forward. Stay tuned next week for the “official” first chapter.

Also many new things will be happening to the site as well, including: new banner, new links, new gallery items, new profiles and a glossary. I know it’s been quiet around these parts but for the majority of the time, I’m steady working.

See you next week~!

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